Welcome to my website!

My name is Bo Thunboe. I write the Jake Houser Crime Series which is set in the suburbs of Chicago. For more about me, click here. For more about the series, click here.

I am a “pre-pub.” That means I have written a book and am investigating the available publishing options. 

It’s an interesting time to be a writer. New printing technology and the rise of the ebook have opened up the publishing industry. Authors have more options now than at any time in history; from chasing an agent and a contract with a Big 5 publisher all the way through self-publishing and the smaller and independent publishers in between. I will file an occasional BLOG entry about this experience.

Please take a minute to explore my website.

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Thank you for visiting!

3 Responses to Welcome to my website!

  1. Diane Fanning says:

    Hey, B, just purchased your book! Looking forward to a good read. Best of luck!


  2. Will there be an audio version of your book?


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