However Many More

A lifelong friend bludgeoned to death.

A silver ingot traced to a missing hoard.

Desperate men chasing life-changing riches.

When Detective Jake Houser investigates the brutal murder of lifelong friend Henry Fox he learns that the handyman’s life was not as simple as it seemed. The ex-wife Henry still loved was suing him for support, his brilliant daughter had been admitted to Northwestern and needed tuition, and Volume 2 of his opus on outhouse excavation was past deadline.

Then Henry sold a silver bar to a local coin dealer.

The silver bar leads Jake to Henry’s new side business funded by a silent partner. A silent partner who thinks Henry cheated him out of a windfall. But the silver bar did more than anger the partner—it also brought desperate men to town.

Will Jake be able to identify Henry’s killer and find the hoard before greed brings more death to Weston?

However Many More is book #2 in the Jake Houser Crime Series.




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