What Can’t Be True

A skeleton pulled from the lagoon.

A powerbroker desperate to keep old secrets.

A detective fighting for real truth.

When Boy Scouts find a human skeleton in a car they pull off the bottom of Radar Grove Lagoon, Detective Jake Houser‘s investigation soon links the car to a strong arm robbery committed on the same night the car disappeared.

When Jake discovers that the county sheriff is scheming to take over the case, that a political powerbroker is watching his every move, and that powerful forces are uniting against him to influence every branch of the criminal justice system, he realizes something deeper is going on.

But Jake doesn’t let politicians or bureaucrats run his cases and the fact that the sheriff is his cousin and the powerbroker is his uncle only makes him dig harder. When he connects the murdered man to his uncle and the cover-up to his cousin he has to keep his growing suspicions against his relatives to himself or risk being pulled off the case.

Was the dead man working for Jake’s uncle the night he died, or against him? As Jake closes in on what happened on that night long ago and the secrets his uncle wants to keep buried in the past, Jake learns just how far his commitment to true justice will take him from official duty. And from family loyalty.

And what it will cost him.

What Can’t Be True is the first book in the Jake Houser Crime Series.

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